The name of the game is Cancer, Part 3

So, with two abnormal pap smears, next came the coloscopy.  And a biopsy. Suspicious changes.  Not malignant.  Yet.  Another three months or so to wait, another pap smear, and if it is still there, a cyrofreeze to remove it.  And it will be gone, gone, gone.  This is a very good thing.


In the meantime, I made an appointment for a mammogram.  You know, one of those, poke, prod, squeeze the breasts flat as a pancake between two clear plates and take X-rays.  Or whatever they are.  Nothing specific to indicate that I needed one.  It is just that I hadn’t had one in, oh, say, 7 years or so.  It wasn’t as bad as I remembered the last one being.  When I left, I was told that I would be sent a letter in about two weeks, and if I didn’t get it, to give them a call.  This was less than a week ago.

Today, they called me.  After comparing the results of this mammogram with the last two that I had, they saw changes.  Enough changes that they want to do a diagnostic.  On my left breast.  At their earliest opening.  I already had an appointment scheduled on the day of their first opening.  Fortunately, they had another opening the very next day.  Nine days.  Nine days of wondering, waiting, praying, and trying not to worry.

Sigh.  If I do have breast cancer, why couldn’t it have been the right side?  If I end up having to cut one one off, if it was on the right side, I could always carry a bow and say I was emulating the Amazons…

And if you are a woman over 40, and have never gotten a mammogram, or if you have not had one in the last year, go.  Go now and get one.


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