Greetings all.  This page is supposed to be about me.  Why?  Because it says so.  Let’s see, I have been called a renaissance woman.  The best person to be deserted on an Island with, because I can find food, make shelter, and clothing…I love to sing, to write, poetry, music, and stories, crafts of all types, involved with historical reenacting, school programs (Life in a Castle and Life in a Log Cabin) and am a huge believer in Arts in Education…


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Michael Grice / Recreational Activity Leader II

    My name is Michael Grice and I am a Recreational Activity Leader II at The Arkansas State Hospital. I am searching for Performers/Speakers to do a performance for our adolescents. It will have to be on a volunteer basis at your convenience. If you are interested or know someone that may be please Email or call me. My phone number is 501-541-4881. Thank you.

    Michael Grice
    Recreational Activity Leader II
    Arkansas State Hospital

  2. C. Todd Meredith

    I meant to say to you that you were my favorite entertainer at the Mid-South Renaissance Faire today, but we didn’t have very much time before the pub sing began and you joined the musicians. Loved the stories and the psaltery music! I hope you enjoyed your two weekends in the Shire of Shelby.


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