My new book – Meditations of a Hoarder

The thought occurred to me that I have not posted about the latest happening in my life.  I have a book out.  If I haven’t actually stated this on this blog, I am a hoarder.  I have another blog dedicated to my hoarding life and struggles.  if you want to go take a look.  Anyway, when I decided that I was a hoarder, and I started to admit it to people, I asked myself what was I going to do about it.  The answer was to write.  I wrote about being a hoarder for a year, why, my issues, personal affirmations.  I also studied hoarding, talked to other hoarders, and talked to people who had researched hoarding.  About half way through, I decided that sooner or later, my book of meditations was going to get published.  After a couple of rejections by publishers, I decided to bring it out myself, using createspace.  I was in the process of formatting it, when, quite by accident, another publisher heard of it and asked to see it.  They told me that it would take a while for them to get to it, but they did want to look at it.  A year or so later, contracts were signed, and 4 months after that?  Now available on Amazon!  So, check it out!  It is available in paperback and ebook.

I’m excited.  And scared.  I really bare my soul.  To the world.  Check it out.


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