National Poetry month

April is National Poetry Month.  Now, some people may not think this is any big deal.  But poetry is a wonderful way to express thoughts and feelings.  Poetry may follow specific forms and rhyming schemes, or it may be free form, without any rhyming at all.  One of the things, in my opionion, that poetry does best is to help express emotions.  Now, I am a poet.  This is National Poetry Month.  So over on Facebook, I have offered to write a poem for pretty much any topic given.  I thought I’d make the same offer here.  If you have a topic you would like to see a poem written about, let me know.  Here is one of the ones that I wrote a couple of days ago.  I hope you enjoy it.

Topic:  Torn Flag

Retirement Ceremony
Melinda LaFevers

The old flag
held aloft
by willing hands
as the viewers,
hands on hearts,
begin to stand.
Tattered, now,
faded and worn;
but once in glory
by breezes borne.
It, alone, knows
all its story.
One last salute
and taps is played
while reverently,
to fiery grave
’tis laid.


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