The name of the game is cancer, part 2

So, I’m in a break today, and my phone starts ringing.  Didn’t make it to the phone in time, whoever it was left a message. When I called back, it was my medical clinic, informing me of the date they had scheduled me for my next procedure.  Yes, the results of my second pap have come back.  Abnormal.  “Atypical Squamous cells of undetermined origin,”  I believe was what my Dr. said.  Again.  So I am now scheduled for another procedure, something a bit more involved than a Pap smear.  My Dr. said that in a pap smear, they scrap the entire surface.  When abnormal cells show up, they don’t really know what part of the cervix it is coming from.  So, my pap in July was abnormal.  Standard procedure?  Schedule another in three months.  My pap in October was abnormal.  Next play in the game?  Colposcopy.  Evidently, with this procedure, the doctor examines the cervix under a microscope, with specialty lights that will help highlight odd areas.  This makes it easier to take a biopsy from specific areas, so that more specific diagnosis can be made.  He said the chances are good that this is still just nothing.  I could walk away from it and probably be just fine.  But…but it might not be just nothing.  And if it isn’t just nothing, having a colposcopy could save my life.  So, of course, I’m going to have the colposcopy.  And I have another 3 months of fear; waiting, worrying, and wondering if I have a monster growing inside…


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