What is important to politicians? What is important to the people?

OK, I don’t often talk about politics on my blog. But I saw something today that I decided I wanted to address.
Mitch McConnell, on his facebook page, posted a statement.

“If I am privileged to lead a Republican Majority in the Senate in 2015 there are many crucial issues that we plan to address. Comment below and tell me what issue is most important to you!”

He had a picture along with this statement of a Blackboard, and on it was the question

“What issue is most important to you?
1. Repealing Obamacare
2. Ending the War on Coal
3. Protecting Life
4. Defending the Second Admendment

Comment and tell me below!”

Now, if any of you want to go to that link and comment on what evidently he feels are the most crucial issues facing the country, that page may be found at https://www.facebook.com/McConnellForSenate/photos/a.454617221227460.101200.259130650776119/717432878279225/?type=1&theater

I read some of the comments. I read several of the comments. I scanned far more than I read. I did not see a single comment (no, I did not read all of them) that was concerned with the four big issues that he had listed. Many comments were addressed at his lack of intelligence, to think that these were the big issues for the country. Many comments were statements of voting to see that he was not in office in 2015. At least one person identified himself as a staunch republican – and said that one of the problems with the republican party was people like Mitch McConnell. Another stated that the last few years had driven her long Republican parents away from the party. Many comments dealt with the far more important issues – jobs, immigration, education…things that McConnell’s list did not touch on.
It is distressing to see that someone who stands a chance at being Senate Majority Leader feels that the most important issue facing the country is to repeal Obamacare. I know that for many people, Obamacare did not work out the way they thought it would. For me, it did. I now have, for the first time in many years, affordable health care insurance.
My own father is a registered Democrat, but he is a non-judgmental, able to see both sides of the issue kind of person, and has always voted for the person he thought would do the best job, regardless of the party they were from. He told me a year or so ago that the last few years of republican politics has pretty much made him determined to not vote for a republican ever again. He said it made him very sad to feel that way, but he had seen so much harm for the country come from the Republicans, that he didn’t see how he could ever vote for one in the future.

I guess this rant is because politicians, from all parties, have been at loggerheads for so much the past several years. They have forgotten who they are supposed to be serving – the American People – and instead are only serving their party platform. In the upcoming elections, let your votes express your feelings about this. Vote for the people that you believe will do the best for America, not just the best for their party.


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