Valentine’s day, yet again…

Well, here it is. Valentine’s Day once more. A celebration of a Christian Martyr. So, this is my annual posting of some of my love poetry. The good, the bad, the ugly….Love isn’t all wonderful. Most, if not all of these pieces were inspired, one way or another, by someone. Some of them were inspired by feelings I had towards someone. Some were inspired by some of my odd reading quirks. Some were inspired by other poets or writers. Some were inspired by a chance comment. Enjoy. Or not. Happy (or sad) Valentine’s Day.

How do I love Thee? I cannot say.
Mere words alone cannot express
the feelings I impart to thee alone.
And from the depths of my heart I know
that your love has touched my deepest soul.
And knowing that, I sometimes am content;
For, someday, when all the passion’s spent,
and yet the fire of love burns ever on
in all the little things that life is meant to be,
in all we do, or say, and where we go,
and where we went; and still, I love thee so…
Then, in the quietness of my Winter’s night,
When I look back on love’s bright light
that shines still to light my life, I know
that everyone who sees me, sees
your fingerprints on my soul.

Melinda LaFevers
Melandra of the Woods
C. 7-29-89
Leeta and Cutter (Elf Quest)
Feb 89

What is this fire that fills my veins
This beating, calling out your name
If I spurn it I will die
but I’ll deny ere I confide
that I’ve been recognized.

The very moment our eyes met
my destiny in stone was set
and I will cry and I will mourn
now that my soul from me you’ve torn
since I’ve been recognized

What is this madness in my mind
my sanity I pray I’ll find
for I am filled by strange desires
fed by the flame of your soul’s fires
that now–I recognize…

March 5 2001

His kisses, burned like fire into my mind,
My heart, pierced through by Cupid’s famous shaft,
Oh Love, I beg you, do not act unkind,
this I implore
To have me love, and he, so far from reach,

His gaze meets mine, and all my insides melt,
The heat of passion rises to the fore.
This touch of madness, he has also felt –
I do implore
His glance may open up an earthly heav’n

Oh take from me this love that haunts me still,
for I am frail, and know my flesh is weak;
and fear, lest heaven’s gate shall lead to Hell –
Yet I implore
That God watch always over him, my love,

The Pains of love
Melinda LaFevers
Melandra of the woods
April 1, 2004

Your piercing glance sends daggers to my breast.
The fortress of my heart has been laid low.
While thoughts of you each night disturb my rest.
And yet, my love for you I dare not show
for fear that you would hold my love in scorn
and mock the soul that bleeds from Cupid’s dart.
“Oh God! Why must I sit here all Forlorn,
to try the mend the wounding of my heart?”
Sometimes I wish the dagger cut was real –
Each drop of pain the ebbing of my life;
And then, no sorrow would I feel,
but have a final rest, all free from strife.
One thing alone can see me through each day –
the chance that love will finally find a way.


May 16, 2004, 2:30 am

And such a fool am I
to bind myself so close to thee
to love where love is wanted not
and returned shall never be.

Oh God! Why don’t you hear my cry
and listen to my plea?
and send me someone else to love,
who’d give his love to me?

But all I hear are echos
from the heavens up above
And though I’ve tried, I cannot
choose to hate, where now I love.

And hot tears spill upon the page
to blur the written line
As once more I start to weep
for this hopeless love of mine.

On the Fraility of Women
Sept 2004

Now come and hear what fools we women be
who give our love and loyalty to men.
We sacrifice and pay the lover’s fee
but if our man pays ought, we know not when.

For “women worketh hard both day and night”
to let her love feel free to take his ease.
Indeed, we women have a sorry plight
as Keeper of the household and the keys.

Oh Selfish Man! Unfeeling in his heart.
to take and take until she is burned out.
When will you ever learn to do your part
and end your lady’s everlasting drought?

And still I wonder, who’s the greatest fool?
Self Centered Man, or she who lets him rule?

In Contemplation of my Only Love
Melinda Lafevers
Melandra of the Woods
May 30, 2005

I wonder now, as here I lie,
If I was too hasty in years gone by,
to think that thou would never be true.
I wonder, and sometimes I rue
the actions I took so long ago.

For, lo, whene’er I look, I find
that you are still, forever, kind.
Not a single night did you ever stray,
and I find you here, every end of day,
And waiting just for me, I know.

Your locks of hair, forever brushed,
and if you could, I know you’d rush
and run to greet me at the door
and tell me again, just once more,
how your love for me you’d show.

Your little hand I love to hold,
and sit, and wait, as night grows cold.
Although I must confess, my dear,
sometimes I shed a single tear
which you will never know.

It saddens me, and when I speak
you just lie there, so very meek.
I never hear a single sigh.
You never turn a reproachful eye,
(For they were gone so long ago)

Your skin, that once was fresh as dew,
is tightened now, and hardend, too.
Your rosy lips that I still miss
are drawn back for an unholy kiss
yet mine will meet them, even so.

And so the many years have passed
and all things come to end at last.
When they find me, then they will see
why I’ve been faithful, only to thee
and to the grave we both shall go.

March 16 2007

Bittersweet are the words in my mouth.
The longing I have for you engulfs my soul
And yet you are still apart, aloof.
Not for me are your honey words of love.
The sweet and burning fire of your touch-
I have no knowledge of those things.
Here I am, open, thirsting for your love,
Yet you spurn the gift I would give.
You waste your love and longings on
A woman who would not have you.

What a ride, what a chase we are on.
The pursued and the pursuing,
We move on about our days.
Neither of us happy, both with
Great sorrow in our hearts.
Ah, if only you would turn to my
Loving embrace.
I would tenderly take you into my heart.
I would soothe away your sorrows.
I would love you in such a way
That you have never been loved before,
Nor would you ever be loved again.
But bittersweet are these words.
I look into the fires of the future,
And I see nothing but sorrow and tears,
Heartbreak and pain,
For both of us.

Heart of Stone
Melinda LaFevers
Inspired by “Stone Maiden” a short story by Robert Krog

Heart of Stone, Heart of Stone.
Once I had a Heart of Stone.
No one could touch, no one could move me.
I had a heart of stone.

Once I was more than just a statue
I laughed, I loved, and truly lived
But feelings come with such great danger
Pain & hurt & fears they give.
The gift of tears that comes with feelings
Was a thing I would not keep.
So my heart began to harden
All because I would not weep.
But when I built a wall ‘gainst sorrow
Keeping tears of pain at bay
All the joy I felt at living
Slowly began to fade away.
For when your heart becomes a statue
Callused, hardened like a stone
Where all pain has been evicted,
Joy and love may find no home.
But then you touched my self-made island
full of unfelt pain, despair
Shattered all my guarded armour
Laid my heart open and bare
Brought me smiles and brought me laughter
All the joy I thought I’d lost
Brought back tears, and now the question –
Will I choose to pay the cost?

Heart of stone, Heart of stone
Once I had a heart of stone.
No one could touch, no one could move me.
I had a heart of stone.

The Dance
Melinda LaFevers
Melandra of the Woods

The small voice whispers in my head –
“It is time – tonight, you must dance…”

How can I dance? I think.
I have no partner. I tire of dancing alone.

When the first signs of spring appeared,
I danced alone.
When mid summer’s sun cast its heat upon the earth,
I danced alone.

And now for autumn’s harvest,
must I still dance alone?

“Yes” the voice replied.
“for it is the time of the dance.”

And so, alone, under the stars,
I dance.
I lift my hands to the sky,
clad only in moonlight and starshine,
I dance. I whirl.
My hair flutters behind as I twist and spin.

And as I dance, I think –
where is my partner?
who will be my love, my helpmeet.
How will I meet him?
when will he join me,
so that we may dance together,
man and woman?

I dread the winter dance,
for it will be cold and dark…
and alone.

And yet, after winter’s death,
Spring’s new life will appear,
and with it, the hope
that I will not always dance alone.

And so – I dance…
Sands of the Hour Glass: Rough draft
Verses and arrangement by THL Melandra of the Woods
Chorus and tune by Lord Liam Devlin


Let the winds blow high, let the winds blow low
O’er trees, green fields, and hills so slow
O’er mighty mountains and the meadows low
So the sands of the hourglass come and go.

The fairy queen walked on human earth
Until she found a mortal man.
A kiss he took:  the price he paid
was seven years service in her land.

The days were short by the years were long.
For fairie time runs not on earthly track.
A token he asked when his time was done
as proof to show when he went back.

Let the winds blow high, let the winds blow low
O’er trees, green fields, and hills so slow
O’er mighty mountains and the meadows low
So the sands of the hourglass come and go.

The queen gave a gift that was rare and true
A tongue that nevermore could lie.
And as he left, he spoke to her
“The love we’ve shared will never die.”

The queen laughed when these words he spoke,
for fairies love not as humans do.
“Remember the parting gift you gave –
you will love me as I love you.”

Let the winds blow high, let the winds blow low
O’er trees, green fields, and hills so slow
O’er mighty mountains and the meadows low
So the sands of the hourglass come and go.

So each one went to their rightful place
and the days stretched long while the years sped past.
But each one knew they’d meet again
For they shared a love that would always last.

As the hourglass sands of time moved on
Their enchanted love made them a place
where the two could be as one
far from elvish time, or mortal space.

Let the winds blow high, let the winds blow low
O’er trees, green fields, and hills so slow
O’er mighty mountains and the meadows low
So the sands of the hourglass come and go.

Some, when with their dearest one
Will chance upon the lover’s hall.
They’ll feel a touch of the spirits there
And ever, always, hear love’s call.

Now elves no longer walk with man
and some say the Rhymer is dead and gone.
But wherever there are lovers true,
the spirits of the two live on.

Let the winds blow high, let the winds blow low
O’er trees, green fields, and hills so slow
O’er mighty mountains and the meadows low
So the sands of the hourglass come and go.

Poet’s Block
Melinda LaFevers
When first we loved, the feelings that we shared
Seemed not the type that pen could quite reveal
And when we parted and the sorrow was so deep
that deep inside, my wounded heart was sealed
Ah, but now! A second chance! to both of us is given
And it seems the joy is too great to ever remain hidden
As feelings, thoughts, desires and fears flash past at lightning speed
Their pressures all demand “Release!” and heart and mind must heed
I fumble for the feelings from down deep within my soul
Something to express the love that I’ll forever hold
But my heart and mind, it seems, are both awestruck and dumb
Emotions rise within my breast but words are slow to come
And so, at last, with ink-dipped pen, some lines I try to trace
But it seems, what e’er I write, I only see your face.



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