When you love…

When you love, the world can be a wonderful place.  When you love, the world can be a horrible place.

When you love, you feel like you can conquer the world – unless you feel like the world is conquering you.

When you love, you are strong.  But you are also vulnerable and weak.

If you are lucky, when you love, you will find someone who can be your strength when you need some help standing back up after a fall – and in turn, you can help that someone when he needs a hand.

When you love, you give someone else an immense power to hurt, wound, and rend.  And you trust him or her not to do that.

 Sometimes that trust is broken, and then you have to decide if you will remain vulnerable for the sake of love, or if you will build walls around your heart.  

Sometimes, if the person you love is abusive, you need those walls to survive.  

Sometimes the hurt is so great that walls go up, even if you don’t want them to.  

Sometimes walls from the past can interfere with the present, so much that a new opportunity for love is turned away or not recognized.

Love, real love, can make you both strong and vulnerable at the same time.  It is a hard place to be.  The more you love someone, the easier it is to be hurt.  The more hurt you get, the easier it is to build walls against the person who hurt you, or against other people who want to love you.  

Sometimes, if you are blessed, if you are fortunate, if you have the understanding, the love is so strong that it can out-wait the hurt, tower over the walls, and smash them down.


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