Yesterday, while driving to the hardware store to pick up some plumbing supplies, I passed a couple of children playing. The boy was chasing the girl, they were both laughing, and obviously having fun. They couldn’t have been over eight or nine or so. I had to smile. As I passed on, I was struck by a thought – in some ways, the world really is getting better. You see, I would never have seen those particular children playing together like that in town when I was their age: The boy was black, and the girl was white. I remember when schools were segregated, when churches were segregated, and when black boys could get beaten up or even killed for playing with or hanging around white girls.
Now, I know that there is still racism in the world. I see daily examples of it in the news, or in the comments that I read on Facebook. There is still a long, long way to go before all people are truly treated as though skin color and racial heritage did not matter.
But yesterday I saw something that would never have been allowed fifty years ago.
Two children. Laughing. Playing. Together.
I smiled for the rest of the day.
There is hope for the future.


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