Forsake not the assembly

Well, I have been thinking lately – I have not gone to church nearly enough recently. I miss it, but somehow, I just am not getting myself out the door in time to go. So, I’ve been praying about it a little, thinking about it, and today was the day! I was up, actually dressed, and out the door – when I heard a bleat. Now, last night, as I was getting ready for bed, I heard a bleat. I live next to my dad, who has goats. Usually they are all down at the barn by nightfall. So last night, when I heard this bleat, I actually went back downstairs, unlocked the door, stepped outside, and listened. Nothing. So I went on to bed. But this morning, as I stepped out the door to go to church, I heard the bleat again. I went around the side of the house, where the sound was coming from. And there she was. One of my dad’s nanny goats, underneath a low fir tree, stuck in a wire fence. So much for church. If I hadn’t known that she had been there all night, and probably most of yesterday, then I might of gone on, and dealt with her later. But, no. Inside to change clothes and grab the tree clippers. Clipped enough branches to get to her easier. Assessed the situation, and tried to manipulate her head. Back into the house to get wire cutters, which I could not find. I did find some hedge clippers, and a pipe cutter, so I took those out with me. Decided that I really needed to wear real shoes and not sandals, so back into the house to change shoes. Then out into the fields. I decided that the best way was going to be going at it from the other side. I tried to manipulate her out again, but no go. So I set to work. The hedge clippers made a small scratch in the wire, and a dent in the clippers. The pipe cutter also made a scratch in the wire. Tried the other side. still no go. Sigh. Grabbed a horn and pulled her head forward, then forced it back a little. JOY! One horn through, the other one still keeping her stuck. But now she knew that if she cooperated a little more with me, she would get free, so she was less resistant to my trying to manipulate her head. As soon as the second horn was free, she was out of there. I checked the time. Nope. Even the latest sermon had already started. By the time I could change clothes, and get into town, it would lack about 15 minutes of being over. Oh well. At least rescued an animal, did some praying, and enjoyed God’s creation today. Maybe next week I’ll make the assembly…


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